Play Forum/Play City Detroit: Process Photos

Play City Detroit-3

This hands-on workshop invites participants to craft and co-create impromptu art in a community mapping exercise. During these workshops we paper prototype, sketching, and craft to help visualize placemaking practices in Detroit. This series of workshops is prompted by the following questions. How can Detroit be re-imagined? Which artistic interventions and inventive play spaces are working best? During this third session, we’ll also consider the “future of places”. What are current examples of play within urban space? What are your ideas for supporting your community and other communities?

Participants are welcomed to present their ideas and work.

Artwork by: Linda Groblicki, Mike Jacobs, Keith Murphy, Andrew Rosenfeld, Sean Goldsmith, Teresa Tucker, Vanessa Merrill, Vitt Wallace, Debbie Tien, Gabe Gloden, Latoya, and Koskinen.

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